New photos up

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Fri, 08/24/2007 - 11:37

There is around 200 new photo's up in the gallery at the moment. This is the second last batch of photos from Namibia/Botswana with another collection of photos from Swakopmunt coming up over the weekend.

New photos include

  • Seagulls Cry - The best camp site in Swakopmunt.
  • The direct dirt road between Swakop and Windhoek - Which is really a great dirt road (I did it in a Diesel VW polo 2 wheel drive with no issues) containing some of the most breathtaking views ever.
  • Spitzkoppe - The Spitzkoppe are some of the most beautiful mountains in Namibia with great climbing and camp sites (best in Nam).

Inspired, bored, idle

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Wed, 08/22/2007 - 13:16

So while waiting the eternity for files to be uploaded to the new server I decided to whip out my old faithful Gimp. I started playing around with gradients featuring transparency and ended up creating what looked like a book with a ribbon on it, using nothing more than 3 gradients and a white background.

Well what should go in my book? What words of wisdom can this book hold? How will this book change my life?

Based on the fact I'l feeling a little Cox-y lately I owed it to the big guy to put his pearls in it.

Check it out at DeviantArt

(I really love the way everandeverandeverandeveraneverandever.... runs off the last page) Laughing


Submitted by Robert MacLean on Wed, 08/22/2007 - 01:06

If you are reading this then you have reached on our new hosts Laughing

Today is such a day

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 08/20/2007 - 13:02
People aren’t chocolates. D’you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling. But I don’t find them half as annoying as I find naive bobble-headed optimists who walk around vomiting sunshine Dr. Perry Cox

Pierre is a biscuit

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Sat, 08/18/2007 - 15:04
Pierre can find his way out of a box Cool


Submitted by Robert MacLean on Fri, 08/17/2007 - 09:37
Just posting a notice here that the August 2007 version of the Microsoft CRM VPC is now out. You can get all the details at my information worker blog. Cool

Shiney new logo

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Tue, 08/14/2007 - 16:46

Sarah Grant noted today on the CRM team blog that support for Dynamics had been added to the MCP logo builder, which is great for me since it means I can now build a logo for myself Laughing Which will be shown with pride on website from now on. But for those reading through rss readers then here is the logo