VS Code Extension of the Day: Bracket Pair Colorizer

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Thu, 08/02/2018 - 09:00
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Initially, this extension allows your brackets, {} [] (), to be set to a unique colour per pair. This makes it really easy to spot when you are goofed up and removed a closing bracket. Behind the obvious is a lot of really awesome extras in it. You can have the brackets highlight when you click on them when you click on one the pair with bracketPairColorizer.highlightActiveScope and you can also add an icon to the gutter of the other pair bracketPairColorizer.showBracketsInGutter which makes it trivial to work our the size of the scope.

It also adds a function bracket-pair-colorizer.expandBracketSelection which is unbound by default but will allow you to select the entire area in the current bracket selection. Do it again, and it will include the next scope. For example, you can select the entire function, then the entire class.

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