Yes we can!

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Tue, 12/09/2008 - 11:15

I thought that stealing Obama’s now famous chant to highlight that nothing is impossible within the celebration of democracy would be appropriate for this post. Over a year ago I posted about a blog which I felt was written by the biggest loser in the world (See What A Loser). This idiot was churning out the kind of rhetoric that a small, vocal minority loves to in South Africa about how much they hate it and how bad it it. It’s a narrow one-sided very and those sort of people need to be shipped off to a place they feel is not bad and leave the rest of us, who believe in South Africa and want to make it great to do so. I followed it up with a call to report the blog (See Report the Idiot), and then I forgot about it.

Today someone commented on it and I went to look up what has happened in a year (quick Google search):

Let me say it once more, when it comes to removing idiots from the web the answer is definitely Yes We Can! Now about removing them from here, anyone got a boat to lend ;)