Twitter Pro-trick: Refer to companies by stock codes

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 12/03/2012 - 13:46

Twitter is filled with awesome little tricks, and I recently found a very cool one for referring to companies on Twitter. First though, lets see the existing two ways to refer to a company. First you can use the companies Twitter name for example:

Or your other option is to use a hashtag

So what is the new awesome trick? If the company has a stock ticker code, for example Microsoft has MSFT & Nokia has NOK then you can prefix that with $ on Twitter, i.e. $MSFT & $NOK. 

On the Twitter site you will note that $NOK is now a link to a search for all $NOK related items (it doesn't work on the embedded Tweet), which in many cases (like Nokia) can save you a little bit of text. For people monitoring companies social network this is also important as it is an another thing they need to monitor!

This feature is called a CTAG (maybe it isn’t - but that is the the source on the search).