Telkom: Why do dumb?

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 06/22/2015 - 19:09

I try not to rant on my blog and mostly I succeed. Today though I wanted to complain to Telkom about them inserting content into web pages on Twitter so I head to their website to find their Twitter account and I don’t find one, I find THREE different Twitter accounts and a situation so bad I cannot keep shut!


It isn’t ideal to have three and I can understand different components need it, in fact they look like a business account (1), their cellphone brand (2) and a general one (3). The part that baffles is what happens when I checked them.

The business account

This account has been taken over by spammers :facepalm:


The mobile account

That account is suspended :facepalm:


In fact only the general account works! Shit happens, people mess up and accounts get suspended or lost – it isn’t ideal or professional and you can mitigate the damage by removing it from your website. The fact Telkom can’t/won’t speaks volumes to their inability to care. There is no acceptable reason for those bad links to be up there and who ever runs their website should hang up their HTML spurs and find a new career.

Let them know

Want to help let them know this isn’t acceptable? Here is the form for the webmaster and here is a handy link to Tweet to them quickly.