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Submitted by Robert MacLean on Fri, 08/10/2007 - 09:09



Taglocity is a Outlook 2003/2007 plug in which gives the same idea is tags on blog (like on the right) but to email. Now this isn't really anything special for Outlook as you can get basically this same ability with flags in Outlook. There are three really good features in it though which help it stand out above just flags:

  1. There is a tag cloud view at the bottom of Outlook. This is great since you can have easy access to more tags than you can have with flags. However this appears either as a floating window (annoying) or docked (better), but in either mode you can not choose what windows it should show on, so it shows on everything. I'm a power calendar user and really don't need to lose space to tags in an area I won't use them.
  2. Next is the auto tag, which works off Bayes to predict what tag should be on what. This is great in idea, but not well implemented. Firstly when I get in to the office in the morning I generally get about 30 emails, which causes the Outlook to lock for 1 to 2 minutes while it auto tags. It does not auto tag blog posts. And in the end it seems to either want to tag everything or tag nothing, maybe thats cause I deal across a lot of different subjects with different tags and it makes it harder but it really shouldn't be.
  3. Lastly is the find feature which lets you do proper boolean expression searches based on tags, which is really useful since the result are almost instant. The downside is that it limited to the current folder with no way to search all folders.

Anyway after using the professional trial for 14 days it expired and I now have the option to purchase or drop to personal edition. The personal edition has a tag cap which is a problem since I do need a lot of tags, and based on the negative points in the main features I can't agree to pay for it. So in the end it will go the way of the dodo and be uninstalled.  

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Details and downloads on Taglocity can be found at http://www.taglocity.com

I used Taglocity 1.1 with Outlook 2007 on Vista. Outlook 2007 was patched with the performance hotfix.

This ran on an Acer TravelMate 3270 laptop (Intel Core 2 1.67Ghz, 1.5Gb of RAM, 80Gb Hard drive)