SharePoint 2007 vs Drupal

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 02/12/2007 - 21:24

You know what is really great about SharePoint 2007 (which runs on) vs Drupal which this site runs on? I can type my content up in Word 2007 or copy and past from Outlook to Word 2007 and publish directly (Office button -> Publish -> Blog) and I get full rich text editing on it, the ability to save it and work on it later, the ability to spell check. Here I need to login to the site, navigate to create content, navigate to create blog and type away. If I need to do a link I need to the <a href> tags (hell to get that to appear I had to &lt; to the the angle brackets). The expierence is just that much better.

I know there are add-ons for Drupal that give me rich editing but that requires more work to install them :(

I have seen some users post that it is possible to use Word 2007 to publish to Drupal, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to. There is no compatible format listed in the blog providers or under other.

Once again SharePoint 2007 + Word 2007 means the user does not need to know about any of the things like Drupal modules or special blog providers. It is simplier, better (?), faster ;)