Proven Source Control Practises Poster

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Sat, 07/25/2009 - 15:26

Proven Practises Poster

Maybe one of the toughest things in software development to get right all the time: source control. Well now with this nice bright A3 poster printed on your wall (or maybe above the monitor of the guy who breaks the builds daily) you’ll never go wrong again.

It covers 17 proven practises broken into 5 key areas:

Things YOU should do

  • Keep up to date
  • Be light and quick with checkouts
  • Don’t check in unneeded binaries
  • Working folders should be disposable
  • Use undo/revert sparingly


  • Plan your branching
  • Own the merge
  • Look after branches


  • Useful & meaningful check in messages
  • Don’t use the audit trial for blame


  • Don’t break the build
  • Separate your repo
  • Don’t forget to shelve
  • Use labels


  • Try concurrent access
  • Don’t be afraid of branching concepts
  • Automerge for checkout only