The MVP award

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Thu, 02/09/2012 - 10:40

WP_000575Being a MVP gets you very little, some status boost in those who misunderstand it (MVPs are not awarded for technical skill & a lot of people think MVP = expert), a MSDN subscription, a lot of paperwork (including multiple NDA’s), some access to product teams (this varies from product team to product team – some have great interactions others are poor) and a trophy.

To the right is my MVP trophy (as well as ALM Rangers award and MVP of the year cube) and I think it looks pretty awesome but how does it get to me?

In this post I want to take a slightly tongue in cheek look at the box the MVP award comes in and what it is saying about MVP’s.


Above you can see the three years of the trophy box. So lets analyse those box covers. I am assuming that the person on the box is supposed to represent MVP’s.

  • MVP’s are dress smart casual always – chinos & a blue shirt are required. Hah, not likely.
  • MVP’s have neck problems causing them to tilt their heads. This is likely true from all the time people spend at their machines.
  • MVP’s always have their laptops with them. Also likely true. Next year he better have a Windows 8 tablet though.
  • Interesting that 2010 guy got one cover while 2011 guy got to come back in 2012. Guess 2010 guy wasn’t re-awarded Winking smile
  • 2011 guy has gotten smaller in 2012 – are we shrinking away or did Mr 2011 not do enough work?
  • In 2010 and 2011 the ghosts of MVP’s past are clearly standing in support for the MVP. In 2012 they aren’t concerned anymore and just chatting with each other.

What would I do differently? Easily, take a photo from MVP summit with real MVP’s engaging with each other and put that on the cover. What may be nice is to have new 2012 MVP’s (i.e. first timers) get together to pose for it and so there is extra incentive for 2013 – a box with real MVP’s that could include you.