MSCRM for the killer instinct

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 02/12/2007 - 21:28
I ended up typing this over MSN to a few people today (don't ask why) and I thought this is entirely possible and amazingly easy to customize MSCRM to do this (hell half a days work at most). The sales vibe is partly inspired by the Microsoft CRM Demo Days happening between the 13th and 15th Feb at Village Walk which we are involved in. I haven't posted this to the Information Worker blog since some people may not appriate my style of humour. New MSCRM ad: Are you a hitman, assassin, or garden variety serial killer? Do you spend too much time trying to plan murders? Do you have problems identifing the right match of critiea for your next murder? Well fear no more, with MSCRM 3.0 you can easily track all your potential victums with details specific to each of them and then using the powerful scheduling system easily plan that murder to be home in time to watch Friends or wash your mother. And wait, if you order in the next 15min we will preload your MSCRM installation with all your family members details!!! Order now!