A follow up to my NDepend pro tip...

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Thu, 05/19/2011 - 13:33

I posted in March that despite using NDepend for over a year I had missed an awesome feature of the product. Not even a day later I received an email from Patrick (creator of NDepend) about it and we discussed over a few emails about that post, why I had never found it and what could be done to improve it.

Recently Patrick released NDepend 3.8 and took specific notice of that discussion, and many other discussions with “enthusiast users” (as he calls us) into the design so it is significantly better Smile


Check out the new landing page in the app! Note the option I “found” is front and centre and even has a helpful arrow to point it out!

In addition to that there is many new features which I cannot wait to try out:

    • New menu in Start Page 'Select VS Solution(s) to Analyze'
    • Ergonomy of 'New NDepend Project' dialog enhanced.
    • In Build Comparison Setting form, there is a new button 'Browse VS solutions' to fill easily the assemblies list.
    • On multi-monitor machines, all NDepend dialogs and forms shown, now appear on the screen that currently contains the mouse cursor
    • The Dependency Matrix and Graph now support the mouse extra-buttons back/forward.
    • Support for Reflector v7.X
    • The default rule 'Fields should be marked as ReadOnly when possible' now discards fields generated for events (i.e fields where 'IsEventDelegateObject').
    • The flag Concurrent is now implemented by the MSBuild and NAnt tasks.
    • In CQL Explorer panel, it is now possible to export a group of queries to XML.

I just wanted to post this to share this excellent news and also point out how awesome Patrick is at incorporating feedback from everyone and really this is why NDepend is such an awesome product.