Delphi Prism - Part 1: Opening the "box"

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 01/12/2009 - 18:08

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Hi, my name is Robert. I have been a closet Delphi fan for many years. <Hi Robert>. So when Borland, sorry Interprise, no I was right it’s Borland, sorry I forgot CodeGear, never mind I think it’s no Embarcadero said there was a super duper new version coming I got excited (maybe too much). So I have downloaded the trial and will blog about the experience. Now note Delphi is NOT what I use day to day, in fact if I am choosing a language now it’s C# so don’t expect production evaluations but rather a hackers evaluations. First thing is downloading it (and finding my BDN CDN login) and waiting for the 4Gb to download to the slow internet of South Africa.

So lets see what’s in the box, or image:


First is ER/Studio Developer Edition which is a database modeling tool from Embarcadero.

InstallAware Express CodeGear edition is an installer system, ala MSI/InstallShield/NSIS etc…

InterBase 2009 Developer Edition is next, no need to mention what that is (Delphi fans will just know)

Mono is exciting, in there is the Win32 GTK version of Mono :) Cross platform dreams are coming back.

Shell contains the VS 2008 shell install.

Wiki is interesting, as it looks like a dump (dated September 29, 2008) of the one from their site with anything other than read disabled. This makes sense and is actually very useful for us in the slow internet land who may battle to get to the wiki some times. So to who ever had this idea, well done! A few of the articles that jumped out at me are:

  • Win32 Delphi vs. Delphi Prism
  • Delphi Prism Syntax compared with Win32 Delphi
  • Migration Tools: Oxidizer – ShineOn

There is also a good logo: