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A while ago I posted about sources of icons I use (see here) and one of them was, who frankly must have an amazing marketing person. If you read that article you will see I spoke about the fact each month you get a point to spend on "purchasing" a free set from them. When I wrote that I never realized how brilliant it was.

See by the time next month comes around I have forgotten about them, then I get an email about the free point, which makes me directly click the link and sign in on their homepage. Straight away this company has me on their homepage, interested in their products, seeing their marketing etc... every month, and I am happy to do it. Hell I even recommend other people do it too. But since I only get one point each month, it's not enough to get all their free stuff (and new stuff appears each month too) so I am always forced back.

Why does this work, well people like getting free stuff, people like spending cash and even more so when there is no penalty on that spend (ala Points) and people forget quickly. So you take all of those and give them a points system to get free things and remind them each month by giving them another point, and boom! you have a marketing gorilla.

Anyway this month I think I will get the Aerozone Folder Kit Laughing