Amazing Lock Screen Feedback

THANK YOU for taking the time to give feedback on Amazing Lock Screen, good or bad feedback is always read and acted on. I have created this page since I get a lot of feedback and respond with the same sort of answers all the time, so please take some time to check what you are asking about isn’t listed below before using the contact option below.

Using the images as your desktop background

Can I use this for my desktop wallpaper too? YES, you can! But you need to do a few things.

  • In the settings, change the option to store downloaded images to the pictures library. Click for example.
  • Go to the wallpaper settings and set it to use a folder. Point it to the amazing lockscreen folder in your pictures.Click for example.

That's it! Your desktop will now be powered with the images too!


Known Issues

On Surface devices, if you have moved your pictures library to a memory card, using the option in the app to store pictures to the pictures library will cause the app to crash. The work around for this is to use the “Do not store images” option.

Windows 10

On Windows 10, some of the lock screen settings can cause problems for Amazing Lock Screen. To fix it go to Settings, Personalisation, and Lock Screen.

First, ensure you have you have background set to Picture and not Windows spotlight.

Second, make sure that Amazing Lock Screen is in one of the first four quick status positions. For example, here it is in the first position:

App refusing to start

Have you recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and the app refuses to start at all? This article may help you.

Image not changing?

imageThe very first thing to check is the built in help tool inside the app which is able to diagnose common problems. To access the app bar, which has the help option, do one of the following:

  • Touch: Swipe up
  • Mouse: Right click
  • Keyboard: Win + Z

If everything checks out in help, try going into the normal Windows settings and manually changing the image (i.e. use Windows to change the image, not the app). If you can change the image, then everything is working correctly. If you cannot change the image, then something inside Windows isn’t correct.

If Windows isn’t acting right, then the app won’t ever work so the first thing to check is that Windows is activated. If it is not, then you cannot change your lock screen.


There are also many reports of a registry corruption issue and a file system corruption issue in Windows which will causes the lock screen not to change. The best place to find out more about those issues, how to fix those issues, and other info on Windows issues in general, is the support forums. If you are still unable to change the lock screen in Windows manually, then I suggest contact the awesome folks at Microsoft Support to help you.

General Troubleshooting

Some users have reported that re-installing the app has helped resolve issues.

Make sure your Windows is fully up to date with patches. Some users have reported that updating Windows has resolved the problems.

Make sure your Windows is activated. Copies of Windows which are not activated or pirated copies of Windows will not allow the app to work.

If you machine is connected to a domain, you network admin may have disabled the changing of lock screen functionality using group policies. Check with your network admin if this is the case.