Community night in September 2011 - IMPORTANT INFO

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Mon, 08/22/2011 - 10:26

Community Night, the best way to meet, mingle and learn (if you don’t know about it – read here) happens on the second Tuesday of the month… except in September due to an event at the venue on the Tuesday which can’t be moved.

So for September it will take place the Monday before, in other words Monday the 12th September. Please help get the word out to the various user groups and communities!

See you there!

Kicker - My first WP7 app

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Thu, 08/11/2011 - 10:59
Update: This application has been retired - it was my first game (ever) and my first WP7 app and so it was for my son and for my own learning and experimentation. My son has moved on to Angry Birds, I have more impressive apps and as a game, well it wasn't going anywhere. With all that I have retired it away.


Kicker, is my first WP7 application and is a simple time waster. I don’t want to use the term game, because there is no challenges. Touch the screen and unless you are unlucky, you score a goal.

This was written mainly for my young son, who had a game like this on my old Nokia 5800 and he loved it so really just porting it across.

You can get it online RIGHT NOW!!


Community night in August

Submitted by Robert MacLean on Tue, 07/26/2011 - 15:35

Important Notice for August 2011

Community night is normally the second Tuesday of the month, however since that is a public holiday it has been moved to Monday the 15th of August!

What is community night?

For those who do not know this is a FREE event that happens monthly where a variety of user groups get together at Microsoft's offices. User groups are not influenced by Microsoft, they just use the facilities. User groups that are there on a regular basis:

  • Information Worker: Technical focused SharePoint & Office
  • Business User Workshops: User group that looks at the issues that face power users in enterprises. This month the understanding where a portal ends and CRM begins.
  • Game Dev: One of the biggest with plenty of game developers & artists getting together.
  • JavaScript: For all you JS fixes
  • Mobi: My good friend Rudi Grobler hosts this group focused on mobile (iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone)
  • UX: For those who understand there is more than 16 colours
  • Architecture: For architects of any IT systems!
  • Languages: For developers who are interested in learning the pros & cons of other languages.
  • SQL: The fantastic Gail Shaw runs the best SQL user group anywhere!

There is also FREE beer, cool drinks & pizza!

Where is Microsoft’s offices?

Microsoft Bryanston Office
3012 William Nicol Drive
2191 Johannesburg
South Africa

Click here for map and more details.


Various user groups starts at different times. I think the first UG kicks off at 16:00 and it can run to 21:00.
However depends if you attend multiple UG, stay for passage conversation, etc…

So up to you, I have nights where I arrived after 17:30 and other times left at 18:00, no pressure!

Community Night: BE THERE

Clipboard01Tomorrow is another community night, and I realised that there is MANY people who do not know about this fun event. This is a gathering of communities (or user groups or interest groups if you prefer) who meet on a regular basis. This is a totally free event which takes place the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Microsoft’s offices in Bryanston.

*Yawn* another Microsoft marketing session? WRONG! This is run by communities and Microsoft has NO say in the content or agenda, unless a community allows them Smile with tongue out Microsoft is really trying to help all communities by providing the facilities – not the content!

MobiZATo give a concrete example MobiZA, a user group focused on mobile development is doing a session on Android! talk about not Microsoft marketing there!

There is also a variety of communities in a attendance so you can also see things you would not have seen before, for example the business user group or the game developer group! And of course there is plenty of corridors for interesting discussions and some even contain food & drinks!

Hopefully I have given you a taste of what is in store and why you should attend and you can find more details on the DPE team blog.

mapFinally, if you have a user group maybe you should think of joining us at community night? Free venue, projectors, seating, food & drink. Plus plenty of people attend, could be a great way to grow your group. I would personally love to see some Linux & PHP groups there because it would allow those who have not had a chance to see the non-Microsoft world an opportunity and hopefully learn that it isn’t so cut & dry out there.

Remember, tomorrow 12th April 2011 @ Microsoft (map to the left) from first sessions kick off at 16:30 and second sessions get started between 17:30 & 18:00!

Robert MacLean Mon, 04/11/2011 - 08:54
UT3 Tweaker - Must Have
UT3 is pretty (not Crysis pretty, but pretty enough), but the gameplay rocks and replayablity is high. The problem is to get it smooth enough for competitive gaming you need to tweak those INI files, well thankfully someone has built a tool to do it: UT 3 Tweaker
Robert MacLean Wed, 01/02/2008 - 09:00
For the American McGee Fans
All coming 2008!
Next Game
Next Project (not a game!)
And in the same vein as the next project, something a little different.

I like it all! In fact I am a tingle of excitement over it.
Robert MacLean Mon, 12/17/2007 - 11:30
BioShock pt 2
In my previous post on BioShock I commented that the VitaChambers were a big gameplay issue for me since it made it far too easy. What I didn't comment on was how they broke the story completely. Why am I the only person who can use them? I know my character is special, but if I am so special that makes me the only one who can use them, why are they scattered around rapture like candy?

Thinking more into this, the answer to a lot of gameplay issues actually would be to drop the number of VitaChambers (2 per level, maybe) and seriously drop the number of bad guys. Then enable bad guys to respawn at the VitaChambers too, unless caught by a little sister (and thus drained of adam). This opens up some nice avenues of gameplay, one it slows it down a lot to enable you to actually be tactical. It lowers the number of bad guys allowing for more distinct-ness in them. It makes little sister harvesting an interesting issue, do you kill them early to get adam or let them run around as cleanup crews for and then only kill them later.

Despite that dream which will never happen, one nice thing has happened. A patch for BioShock has been released and does support turning off VitaChambers completely. More details on the patch at

Robert MacLean Wed, 12/05/2007 - 11:49
This weekend I finished BioShock and despite the 5 star review Gamespy gave it, I fail to see this as the next level of gaming. Note: Spoilers exist below.

Ok, I am no where smart enough to realize all the things going on in regards to objectivism that the staff at Gamespy did, and oddly enough the target market for gaming (I assume is 13 to 25 year old males) consists of a large portion who wouldn't get it. Maybe this is needed as gamers get older, but it doesn't mean we get smarter ;) Anyway the story was very good except for the inconsistencies in it, for instance the way Little Sisters are immune until you have to protect one (adding one line of dialog to cover this issue, feels like that scene from Thank You For Smoking where they have to justify smoking in space). These issues appear consistently in the game and are done for the sake of gameplay, but for a game which is supposed to be for the thinking man it really shouldn't have happened.

The look of the game is amazing, it is stylized perfectly with a consistent theme across the game but with each level having it's own unique feeling. The look of the enemies is also brilliant, I mean where can you fight a giant in 1940's deep sea suit with a drill for a hand.

The gameplay is fairly straight forward for anyone who has ever played a FPS, with few new elements. The combination of abilities, skills, weapons and mods all harken directly from Deus Ex (yes, and it copied it from System Shock) but with games that brought this before they were far slower and more thinking. BioShock has no issue to send 10 maniacs of different types at you at once. What this means is all those abilities to use different ammo or abilities come down to what ever you have loaded at that point, wasting what could've been a great system. The one difference to this is late in the game you lose control over your powers and randomly switch between them (even getting ones you never had before, breaking the story again), but this allows you to see what each power does and maybe change your mind about something late in the game. More of the game should be like this, especially the point where you become a Big Daddy, which basically means the difference is a stupid round screen rather than a square one and louder foot steps. 2k take a hint from Halo or Riddick, where near the end you get a big fun point (Halo has the warthog drive and Riddick the robot romp. Riddick's is better since it is the robot who has kicked your ass all round that prison). The gameplay has two points worth noting, firstly the camera which acts like a weapon (ammo = film) but each successful shot of an enemy, turret, drone etc... increases damage you deal to that type of enemy, or makes them less effective or gives you a new ability. It basically rewards you for taking time to do more than kill, or slowly attack your prey and get that good shot before the battle. The second gameplay element is not a good one, it's the vitachambers. These respawn you when you die, with actually more health than before and no penalty. Basically it removes the main stick from running headlong into battles and dying, in other words the complete opposite of the camera. In fact the AI is about as smart as a dog, since you can easily get them to follow you to the vitachamber so it becomes spawn -> shoot -> die -> spawn -> shoot -> die spawn -> shoot -> die, etc...

The AI is in fact smarter than a dog, but being built on the UT2k3 engine I would expect it into be better. Basically they attack stupidly (no squad control or use of cover), then when hurt enough run off to a medic station. If 2k seriously had one guy full time on water effect's why didn't they have one person full time on AI?!?

Anyway it is a much better game than Quake 4 or most of the crap that is coming out of the game studios, but it doesn't raise any bars.

Robert MacLean Mon, 12/03/2007 - 19:32
The best way to spend 4.something Mb
Deus Ex 3 debut trailer is out. Nothing but some rendered half hidden things, but it does excite me a little too much.

Get it from

Robert MacLean Mon, 12/03/2007 - 18:53
More Lego than you could imagine

This just makes me tingle with excitement:

A few years ago, the Lego company was making "Star Wars" toys. LucasArts tapped game-development studio Traveller's Tales to make the critically acclaimed "Lego Star Wars" video game series. Lego made Batman toys. Traveller's Tales got the gig to make next year's Lego "Batman" video game. Lego recently announced plans for Indiana Jones Legos. Keeping the pattern going, LucasArts announced at Comic-Con last week that Traveller's Tales will be making a Lego "Indiana Jones" game for release in summer 2008 From


Robert MacLean Mon, 10/01/2007 - 14:09