12 Jul 2011
Updated: This has been resolved, see comments below for details from YallaApps.

YallaApps, the company that submit Windows Phone Apps in parts of the world Microsoft forgets, has a BIG problem at the moment and to make things worse they are not talking about it publically!

In short something is borked between YallaApps and App Hub (the Microsoft submission side) and as such there is a hold on all submissions! So the very purpose for it has stopped, and there is not a mention on the blog or site about this. Very poorly done Yalla!

How did I find out? I emailed them because after 5 days my app hadn’t been submitted! Below is their response.



Yalla Apps's picture

Hi Robert,

The issue has been fixed now by the App Hub. We have started submitting all the pending apps again to the App Hub and will notify you and other developers about the status of your app via email once it has been submitted.

You can also please follow us on our Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/YallaApps Blog) and also join the YallaApps forum to follow our announcements closely.

Thank you.

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