21 Sep 2007

Searching for something else, I found the biggest loser in South Africa. This retard runs a website called South Africa Sucks (southafricasucks.blogspot.com - not linking on purpose since I don't want to raise his Google ratings etc...)

This is the type of person who has blinkers on to all the good and prefers to complain, constantly. Besides the fact the site is horribly racist it's just plain idiotic. Why can't these morons just move to Canada, or America or UK or where ever they think is better and leave the rest of us who really care alone.

Update: If you want to report the idiot see: http://www.sadev.co.za/node/103


ryancrawcour's picture

so very sad indeed. it is always to complain but so much harder to actually do something constructive about it.

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[...] a year ago I posted about a blog which I felt was written by the biggest loser in the world (See What A Loser). This idiot was churning out the kind of rhetoric that a small, vocal minority loves to in South [...]

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