20 May 2015

Community night is an initiative from Microsoft South Africa to help everyone have a platform to engage and grow, through learning and networking in board communities. That sounds awesome on a press release, but what is it?!  It means that on the second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft in Johannesburg opens it’s meeting rooms up for user groups to use to meet, basically giving a safe venue and infrastructure that groups need for face to face events. Microsoft also sponsors food and drinks for the groups so that you can have those amazing hallway conversations. There are a few groups that take part in community night, but it does change based on the groups – so here are some of the regulars:

if you are interested in getting your group involved, please reach out and I will help put you in touch with the right folks.



Kevin Ashton's picture

Thanks for putting this list together Rob. The only concern I have with community night is that it forces people to have to choose between groups in a single night, rather than spacing them out a bit. That was one of my concerns about involving the F# Gauteng meetup group with community night. As we are targeting many of the same people that go to Dev UG, we don't want to make them feel they have to miss that group to attend ours (especially as Dev UG is established and has a good solid following). It would be nice if there were 2 community night slots a month, thus allowing for more variety without as many conflicts.

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