23 Mar 2011

pepperscreenshotPepper is a new free extension for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 that I have created to solve a major pain which I am calling SLM (setting lifecycle management Smile with tongue out). The problem is that settings inside Visual Studio are vast & complex, and configuring your IDE is a labour of love, taking years of fine grain tweaks. I can personally trace back my settings to sometime in 2005 and have been tweaking and fiddling ever since.

Once when I moved jobs I forgot to copy my settings and VS felt broken until an ex-co worker was able to get a backup of my old laptop restored and sent me the file. Wouldn’t it be great to have a backup system in the cloud? Say on Azure?

This brings about another interesting scenario, what if I have multiple machines? Can I backup on one machine and restore on another? Giving me a synchronisation system for Visual Studio settings?

Pepper does exactly that, it automates the export/import of settings and allows you to place them in a SQL Azure database!

This is the first release, and while it has had some beta testing it is not perfect so please, if you give it a go and it fails, let us know in the discussions.

Pepper is available in the Visual Studio Gallery, which means you can install it and keep it up to date inside Visual Studio too!



 March 24, 2011 – VS/TFS Links and Quick Hits | Le's picture

[...] Pepper: A Visual Studio Settings Synchronization & Backup Extension from Robert MacLean Pepper is a new extension for Visual Studio 2010 that finally brings synchronization, backup, and portability capabilities to your Visual Studio profile settings. If you use Visual Studio on multiple machines or tend to pave your machine regularly (here!) this is a godsend. [...]

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I recently installed this extension, hoping for a way to backup my VS2010 profile/configuration and all my installed extensions(or at lease a way to log them all and re-download/install them again) but every time is run it and put in my username and password, VS crashes out completely
what gives?

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Pepper just handles settings, not extensions. For that you may want to see: http://dotnetsurfers.com/blog/2011/03/14/extensionsync-a-visual-studio-e...

About the crashes, first I would check is if you have SP 1 for Visual Studio installed. If not, you will need that. Also check you can download extensions from with in Visual Studio (i.e. check VS has internet access). Lastly, check if there is any errors in the app event log and if there is please post them to the web site http://pepper.codeplex.com

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Is it palnned to release?

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How is this different from backuping up and restoring settings to a file? This has been in VS since fuck knows when. Anyway, the only thing I can say for this extension is that it backs up to a cloud service... which you cannot even choose. It's just another thing you have no control over. If you value your settings so closely, back them up to a medium you trust and you can control, like a USB stick.

So unless this extens backs up more than the regular settings backup, it's utterly useless.

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