05 Oct 2012

imageSometimes you just need a simple tool, for a simple job and while Microsoft offers the FANTASTIC OneNote MX available for Windows 8 to use, it may is just too much. With that in mind, let me introduce a simpler text editor, NOTEPAD CLASSIC!  Notepad Classic is that - a simple text editor! Enjoy




Notepad Classic makes use of icons created by the awesome (& free) Metro Studio 2.


15 October 2012

  • Made the menu act as the store app does, so you can hide them away now if you want.
  • Added colour options for foreground & background colours
  • Added some colour to the appbar
  • Added feedback & privacy policy links
  • Fixed the dirty flag (so less asking to save when not needed)
  • Status bar merged with menu bar.
  • Fixed the wrong font being used


Richard's picture

Hi Robert,

Just thought you should know I'm un-able to open a .txt file from inside a zip file view in Desktop File Explorer this is with Windows 8 Pro and .txt as default to Notepad Classic.

Hope fully you can fix.


Robert MacLean's picture

THANK YOU! Didn't realise there was an issue and I have fixed it - will be included in the next release!
Robert B's picture

Hi Robert

I would like to inquire about the ability to change keyboard shortcuts.
When I want to enter the Polish letter writing menu appears.
How to change the default right alt and s?

Robert MacLean's picture

That is a really good idea, I will look at putting it in a future release :)
Visitor's picture

Nice App but how to change color

Robert MacLean's picture

Use the settings charm:
Keyboard: Win+I
Touch: Swipe from the right

Mike's picture

Can you update the share contract to act as a share client as well as a share provider? That way I can send text from other apps rather than having to type it all in.


Robert MacLean's picture

That is a great idea! I have an app that already does that, which you may want to try out in the mean time Pin-a-note
Thomas's picture

Hi Robert,

On my Surface typing a ó on the screenkeyboard, seems to be the shortcut for opening a file.
Language setting is Dutch. So now I can't type óó.. which is ehm, a pity.

Can you fix this please? Thanks!

Arjen's picture


Altough simplicity seems to be the word here, I can't figure out how the default file folder must be defined. My 82yr old father has several physical issues, making it neccesary to keep things as absolute simple as possible. Notepad Classic for W8 helps a lot, but saving and opening is something he will nevermaster, if only we could set a default folder, not being the public part of the Skydrive. Some help would greatly be approciated.
Kind regards, Arjen (ag.gerritsen@tiscali.nl)

James's picture

Hi, this is an awesome app, the best txt editor I've come across in the app store. But there's a huge fatal flaw. It seems on lengthy docs that it really slows down & lags when typing etc (Surface 2, type keyboard). Makes it unusable, which is a real shame, as it's a pleasure to use on shorter docs. Is there anything you can do about this? Thanks.

Andreas's picture

Hi there
how would I close a file, i.e. leave the text editor open but close the file?
A recent file list would be nice too.

Rachael's picture

Hi, so the menu bar with all the settings and stuff insn't on mine when I downloaded it. Is there a way to fix that?

Robert MacLean's picture

For the menu bar (the thing at the top) try one of these: + Keyboard: Win+Z + Touch: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen + Mouse: Right click For the settings bar (on the right), try this: + Keyboard: Win+I + Touch: Swipe from the right edge inwards + Mouse: Move to the top right corner of the screen and then down.
Tod's picture


Really like this app but I have one and only one request: please allow to turn off the outer green box. It's seriously the only distraction and while I think it's a great feature. Just wanna be able to disable it.


Jenny Gibson's picture

I would like to open plt files, but don't have the option, can this be done.?
Thanks you in advance.

Brandon's picture

I noticed that whenever I open a .json file with this app it briefly opens the file then closes the app making it impossible to use my .json file

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