27 Feb 2013

My last two posts have both contained an timeline chart in them which I create in Microsoft Excel 2013. Since it is a fairly awesome trick, I have created a short 10min video showing how you can do it too!

imageWhile this in itself is pretty awesome to do, because it is Microsoft Office – you can easily copy and paste it into PowerPoint for presentations. Then by simply changing the Effect Options ► Sequence to By Category you can get a great effect where each event pops in one by one.


(click the above image to see a higher resolution version of it)

Image icon screengrab.gif3.25 MB


Stephanie's picture

Hi there,

thank you for this tutorial. Do you know how to edit the data series labels in Excel 2011?


Mark's picture

Thanks for this tutorial for this version of Microsoft Exel! Sweet point on the Power point integration, cheers!

Umang's picture

Can you provide the XLS file created for the task.

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