31 May 2011

For DevDays, BBD Software arranged a special video to be created to tell the story of the company and why it is such a special place to be.

Pity they didn’t mention the free vending machines or the bar we have or the great parties – but at least they focused on the important one the awesome people Smile


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I work for BBD. To be honest, they can scrap the parties and just give me a better bonus. I'll be a happy little b*stard then.

Robert MacLean's picture

I understand you, especially now days with everything being so expensive more money helps. That said there are two issues with you view

1) Assuming parties cost is related to your bonus in anyway. Firstly they are different cost centres, so you could scrap the parties and that wouldn't directly mean more money in bonuses.

2) It is a slippery slope - scrap parties, then what happens next time you are an unhappy little b*stard? scrap the bar? scrap the free vending machines? scrap the team buildings? scrap the training? scrap & scrap & scrap until it is just another boring uncaring job where you leave because you not treated well?! In the end money & quality of work are both important but scrapping one for the other is not a long term view.

Lastly one of the best things about BBD is that you can speak to everyone - don't like your bonus, ask your exec about it. Don't trust him? Go to Gus (for those not from BBD, that's the CFO), I have often just walked into his office. Want a higher power? Searle (the CEO) is always willing to discuss things. Complaining to me, who has less than no power, is not the best route.

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