11 Apr 2011

Lightswitch beta - No more files bug

ls-bugIf you are working with the Visual Studio Lightswitch beta and you hit F5, you may sometimes get the USELESS error “There are no more files”.

This will appear shortly after an explorer dialog opens up showing you files. I like to think this is LS way of mocking me: “look files, now there are no more files. hahahaha”

The cause of this you have edited code and something internally gets wonky. Thankfully the workaround is just open a screen or data source and hit F5 and it will work again!

I’ve logged a bug on this, so if you have this issue too please head over there and vote on it!

UPDATED! Info below...

Got to love Microsoft, it took 18min and they responded it is a known bug! Details from them how to fix it:

This is a known issue. There is a setting on Tools|Options, Projects and Solutions, Build and Run called 'For new solutions, use the currently selected project as the startup project'. If this option is enabled when you are using a LightSwitch project, you will get the behavior you see.

The problem is that if this option is enabled when the LightSwitch project is created, the project that is associated with the code file will be used for the debugging startup project. For LightSwitch, the root project should always be the startup project.

This option is automatically enabled for the Web and Web Code VS profiles. This option is turned off by default for the General, VB and C# VS profiles.

We have a fix that will be in the RTM release where we will ignore this option when a project is created and we will use the root LightSwitch project as the startup project.

To fix existing projects, you can right click on the root LightSwitch project and select 'Set as Startup Project' in the context menu.

07 Apr 2011

Trying to get from the sea to the sky: Publishing to Azure via Squid

Sky Squid

Microsoft has some awesome guidelines on how to publish directly from Visual Studio to Azure, however if your IT department has installed Squid, the open source proxy server, you may be out of luck as recent versions only support HTTP 1.0 and publishing requires 1.1.

Through some testing with the IT dept at BBD Software we have found that you need to be on Squid 3.1 or later else you are not going to be able to do it automatically*

* You can still publish to a local file, then upload via the Silverlight based admin console, but that is too close to FTP to be cool Winking smile

05 Apr 2011

Install Tailspin Travel on Windows 7 SP1

imageIf you try and install the tailspin travel demo on Windows 7 with service pack 1 , it will fail saying the operating system is not supported Sad smile

Thankfully this is easy to fix, in the C:\TailspinTravel\assets folder is a Dependencies.dep  file. Open that in notepad (or text editor of your choice) and navigate to the <os> element. Note the buildNumber attribute is set to: 7000;7100;7600

All you need to so is change it to: 7000;7100;7600;7601

As in the screenshot above, now save and rerun setup and you will succeed!

30 Mar 2011

Missing Code Analysis

If you have Visual Studio 2010 you may be annoyed when you want to run code analysis and it is just not there! You can configure it, but cannot run it?!


The reason is that code analysis is only available for the selected project, and you likely have the solution selected in the Solution Explorer (or Solution Navigator). You will need to select the project first and it will appear.


No solution wide code analysis yet either. However I believe these annoyances will be corrected in the next version of Visual Studio Winking smile

17 Mar 2011

Visual Studio Recent Settings

When you use the import settings option inside Visual Studio, you may notice a long list of settings Recent Files with no way to clear them out.

If you do want to clear this out, you can do this by going to the following registry key:


Note this is completely unsupported, but I have done it without any issues.


26 Jan 2011

How to get the mouse to stop waking up Windows?

19678My old Logitech V450 mouse had an odd issue, if Windows was put to sleep and pulled the dongle out, Windows woke up. This never bothered me much since I got into a habit of doing that before I put Windows to bed.

However with my new Performance MX Mouse (aka the mouse Batman would use) it does something similar which a change of habit just can’t fix.

The new mouse has a TINY dongle which is designed to be left in all the time and I do that, however any mouse movement or button pressing will turn a sleeping Windows on. So if when I forget to turn the mouse off and toss it in my laptop bag, it will turn the laptop on and the start the process of converting my laptop bag into an oven.

The solution to both these issues is to disable this wake up feature.


Step 1) Right click on the Computer start menu item (or My Computer icon on your desktop) and select Manage


Step 2) Click on the Device Manager node (under System Tools).

Step 3) Expand Mice and other point devices, right click on the mice and click Properties


Step 4) Head to the Power Management tab, and untick Allow this device to wake the computer and finally click OK


This will prevent both the issue of dongle changes or mouse action from waking up your computer.

Foot note: how porn does that last line sound…

24 Jan 2011

Enabling Flip 3d with Logitech Performance MX Mouse


I purchased a Logitech Performance MX Mouse (to replace my other Logitech V450 mouse) which has a number of fantastic features:

  • Darkfield optical sensor which works on everything, including glass
  • The awesome and tiny wireless pickup that can remain plugged in all the time.
  • Ability to charge off of USB and still work! 
  • 7 Buttons

imageOne of those 7 buttons defaults to a feature called Application Switcher. For Mac users this is exactly like Expose and for Windows users it is like a full screen task switcher. 

In fact on Mac runs Expose but on Windows this is a custom application and really doesn’t have the feel or the polish that the Flip 3d (the Windows+Tab thing) which ships with Windows Vista and Windows 7.


imageSo how do you change this? There is many posts about using macro’s, assigning specific applications or even hacked drivers but from my own experience this is no longer needed and it appears most people do not know about it because it is so well hidden.


The first step is to download the latest version of SetPoint, the mouse software, from Logitech which at time of writing is 6.2. However the mouse actually ships with 4.7, a version over 3 years old! This is really odd since the mouse was only launched less than 1 year ago!


imageOnce upgrade go to the Button Settings section, select the button and set the task to Other this will bring up a dialog with a massive drop down full of options. If you look in here for Flip 3d or maybe some alternative on application switcher you will not find it. However there is an option called Document Flip, which you guessed correctly is Flip 3d.

Set your mouse to this and viola!

10 Jan 2011

Resolving the AppFabric: ErrorCode<ERRCA0017>:SubStatus<ES0006>

AppFabric Caching has one error which you will learn to hate:

ErrorCode<ERRCA0017>:SubStatus<ES0006>:There is a temporary failure. Please retry later. (One or more specified Cache servers are unavailable, which could be caused by busy network or servers. Ensure that security permission has been granted for this client account on the cluster and that the AppFabric Caching Service is allowed through the firewall on all cache hosts. Retry later.)

This message could mean a variety of different things, such as:

However for me none of those were the cause of my pain. My issues was:

Copy & Paste Stupidity

imageI copied and pasted the settings for my deployment and so I had the following config issue:

    <!-- cache host(s) -->
        <host name="cacheServer1" cachePort="22233"/>

However my server was DEMO-PC,  so I needed to change that to the following:

<host name="DEMO-PC" cachePort="22233"/>

The only way I found this was to hit the event log and scroll down through the error message. About halfway down was the cause, as clear as day.