03 Mar 2009

Come and speak at InformationWorker!

The InformationWorker group is running two events in the near future and we are looking for speakers for the events and I am hoping I can peak your interest enough to participate or forward this on to someone you know who may be interested.

First is in April at the "normal" meeting where we are running a tool fest. This session is about showing off your favorite SharePoint tool. What is great is that this is about tools you know (or learn between now and then) and you only need to speak for 10 to 15min so for people who haven't presented before or are a junior this is a great opportunity to get some practise (and with TechEd coming up later this year - maybe get yourself in the spotlight to talk at that).

The second session is tentatively scheduled for May and it is a new idea where we do a Saturday morning. In this session we will have a mix of hands on labs and 30 to 45min presentations running in two or three tracks. We are hoping to do a IT Pro, Dev and Business mix so if you don't think your technical but want to talk about testing or governence or something like that we would love to get it into the mix. Also we are hoping to cover a wide skill level (100 through 400) so if you know some things about the UI of SharePoint and tweaking it with the content query web part or how to get Silverlight to dance in SharePoint but maybe not what Visual Studio is that is fine too.

If either event appeals to you please drop me a mail (robert@sadev.co.za) so we can discuss it!

02 Mar 2009

Microsoft SharePoint Developer Challenge

Here is an opportunity for you to win great prizes by sharing your knowledge and breadth of experience with Developers in the SharePoint Developer Forum.


From March 1st, 2009 to May 31st, 2009 there will be three contests and 5 monthly prizes given. You can win an Xbox 360, a Zune 120GB , or a 7” digital frame!

That is from The SharePoint Team blog and it sounds great to be rewarded for helping out on the forums - I mean that is what groups like InformationWorker are trying to do. One downside to this (like every other Microsoft competition) is that you must be in Canada or the USA! I guess I will stick to getting rep points on StackOverflow as my reward.

23 Feb 2009

SharePoint Developer Tools: Feb CTP Release of VSeWSS 1.3

There is a new release of the VSeWSS (what a crap name) CTP 1.3. What are these? These are the tools you need to actually work with SharePoint from Visual Studio to create the advanced workflows or web parts etc… It also includes the documentation that is invaluable for working with any part of SharePoint from Visual Studio. What’s new in the Feb ‘09 release:

New Features in VSeWSS 1.3
  • The extensions now install on x64 bit OS. Visual Studio 2008 and SharePoint must be already installed.
  • Command Line Build option for TFS and MSBuild integration
  • Separate WSP Package and Retract commands. You can now build the WSP without deploying it
  • SPSolGen to Support Exporting from Content Management Publishing Sites
  • New Item Template for RootFiles Deployment
  • Automatically Remove conflicting existing features on development SharePoint server
  • WSP View New Feature Dialog Improvements: scope, receiver checkbox, element checkbox
  • WSP View can now be used to merge features and it blocks site features being merged into web features
  • Allow adding separate binary files such as Workflow assemblies
  • Some refactoring allowing for Web Part renaming and removing lines from feature.xml Item Removed
  • Allow selection of GAC or BIN deployment for Web Part Project not including CAS generation
  • Increase visibility of hidden features that VSeWSS creates
  • Add fast update deploy for DLL only or file only changes to solutions
  • Numerous Bug Fixes and improvements to error messages

You can download it on the Connect site.

Thanks to zainnab for the heads up.

19 Feb 2009

Information Worker Last Night

Last night was the monthly meeting of InformationWorker which was where it was publically announced that myself, Marc, Johan and Veronique have joined Michael and Zlatan in the running of the group (many hands make light work). So we have this group that will work together to drive the group and make sure it continues and grows! It was also very cool that Sascheen did a presentation based on his white paper on TFS + SharePoint (which I blogged about last year). He was assisted with Ahmed from Microsoft and I think they took the crowd by storm! The Q&A about TFS + SharePoint lasted almost as long as the presentation! Big well-done to the both of them!

After all was said and done we dropped the “o” and did the post meeting SharePint ;) Where Jonty and Johan had everyone in stitches! Lesson to be learnt - even though the session ends at 5 (or 5:30) plan to stay a bit longer - it’s worth it :)

11 Feb 2009

InformationWorker.co.za code available

www.informationworker.co.za is a great community site built on top of SharePoint by Michael O’Donovan. There is a lot happening there which is not standard functionality:

  • Forms based authentication which pulls from a database.
  • Signup system which allows people to signup and writes them into the database, all automatic.
  • RSS Feeds aggregator which actually copies the feeds in so they are searchable.
  • Lots more!

Well today is a special day since it’s the day I got to click the “Publish This Project” button on CodePlex for the new project which shares all that source code to the world so you can use it on your projects! To access it just go to http://www.codeplex.com/iwsharepoint

Thanks to Michael for allowing us to share the code with the world.

Note: The raw code is available, to use it you would need to build it in Visual Studio first! For any feedback or questions please use the forums on www.informationworker.co.za

05 Feb 2009

Filter SharePoint log entries

I often end up in the eventlog with SharePoint problems - since there is so much goodness there… um normally too much. So this trick of using PowerShell to filter the results and the export to a grid or CSV is very useful.

Get newest 20 SharePoint logs to a grid:

get-eventlog –logname Application –source ‘*sharepoint*’ –newest 20 | out-gridview

Export all SharePoint logs to CSV (perfect for Excel):

get-eventlog –logname Application –source ‘*sharepoint*’  | export-csv c:\eventlog.csv 

04 Feb 2009

SharePoint Diagnostics Tool

The SharePoint Diagnostic tool (SPDiag) was created to simplify and standardize troubleshooting of SharePoint Products and Technologies, and to provide a unified view of collected data. SharePoint Products and Technologies administrators can use SPDiag to gather relevant information from a farm, display the results in a meaningful way, identify performance issues, and export the collected data and reports for analysis by Microsoft support personnel.

Download it from: https://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1c222804-51c7-4bb5-ae3d-89c68ad27a78&displaylang=en&tm

Thanks @mysharepoint for the heads up.

27 Jan 2009

SharePoint + Facebook

Courtz has had a great idea about combining SharePoint Mysites with Facebook information. He has a bit of simple code up there, but there may be a lot more options to explore (must put on thinking cap) around this and the upcoming Office 2009 release and features like the Knowlegde Network (yes that link points to the Channel 9 video of the product that didn’t happen with 2007, but it is happening with 2009!).