21 Sep 2007

Report the idiot

My last post about the winner of idiot of the year, has prompted me to report him for racist comments on his blog. Hopefully blogger will shut this idiot down. If you wish to do the same you can at: http://help.blogger.com/?page=troubleshooter.cs&problem=&contact_type=main_tos&Submit=Submit
21 Sep 2007

What a loser

Searching for something else, I found the biggest loser in South Africa. This retard runs a website called South Africa Sucks (southafricasucks.blogspot.com - not linking on purpose since I don't want to raise his Google ratings etc...)

This is the type of person who has blinkers on to all the good and prefers to complain, constantly. Besides the fact the site is horribly racist it's just plain idiotic. Why can't these morons just move to Canada, or America or UK or where ever they think is better and leave the rest of us who really care alone.

Update: If you want to report the idiot see: http://www.sadev.co.za/node/103

21 Sep 2007

Customer Care Framework 2008 RTM

Read all at about it at Yves Pitsch's blog


  • Integration into WCF and WF!
  • Use of CAB
  • Better support of ESSO


20 Sep 2007

Word for the day: Configurationize

Configurationize - To make a configurable setting in the system for the specific hard coded value.
19 Sep 2007

Guitar Hero 2 - What was missing from the box

Something which in my mind was missing from the Guitar Hero 2 box was a book with the lyrics in it. As a spectator, or if you believe some tips sites singing along helps, it is far more fun to have the lyrics and sing along with the music while someone else plays.

In addition some of those metal bands you cannot understand a thing so it should be there so you have an idea of what you are playing.

That said here is a nicely compiled 71 page document with all the lyrics!

Download Here

10 Sep 2007

Microsoft Launch Events

BizTalk 2006 R2 - 2 Oct, Microsoft Bryanston

OCS - 13 Nov, Vodaworld

06 Sep 2007

Revoked Certificate Preventing Install

This past week I battled to install MSCRM for almost 6 hours. I've done countless and fought every problem so believe me when I say this is such an odd event in my life now days that it actually is enjoyable trying to find out the problem. Now normal MSCRM install issues happen either at the environmental diagnostic wizard stage, or during the actual install. This happened much earlier, in fact when I tried to add a license key. When Adding the key and hitting add I got  a dialog saying:

The specified license is invalid.

For additional details see logfile C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Application Data\Microsoft\MSCRM\Logs\crm30svrsetup.log.

Odd, but maybe it is wrong. I try it a few times and think well I'll pop on my trust 90 day trial to get up and running and deal with Microsoft on issuing a new key. Guess what he trial key failed too.

I'm not posting this on my IW blog (see right bar) because it's more than a MSCRM issue, because then I thought maybe something in the OS is wrong so lets install all the patches and reboot. One of the patches was Internet Explorer 7 which also refused to install with an error: Setup could not verify the integrity of the installation files. Make sure the Cryptographic service is running on this computer.

What now? I tried numerous articles and suggestions gleamed from the Internet including a monster (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822798) on from Microsoft which has reinstall Windows as an option listed (no I didn't do that, this box is running other applications just fine). But from what I learnt is that all Microsoft software is digitally signed but if something goes wrong with the certificates on the machine then it's borks the installation of those applications. MSCRM in my mind had the same problem since (I guess) it uses the digital certif to do the CRC (or similar) check on the key I used.

What was interesting was all the certificates were 100% fine, but if I right clicked on the MSCRM install MSI file and checked it kept saying the certificate had been revoked. Odd? Since it's not revoked on my machine or any other machine. And if Microsoft revoked a certificate like this why don't I know, hell, why are they still shipping IE with it? Something must be wrong.

What I found was a rouge revoked certificate had been installed, where it came from I do not know but it was there. To remove it I opened IE 6, went to the Tools Menu -> Internet Options. Then on the Content tab clicked Certificates, and on the last tab (Untrusted Publishers) I was able to see the rogue certificate and remove it. After that all installed ok.

Now just a side thought round this, but Microsoft recommends digitally signing all software. So if I was an anti-virus company or security company that took this serious I would not only sign the install of the software but the runtimes and update definitions. The downside is that if a virus/trojen could install a revoked certificate (not sure what privileges you need on XP, but I guess this is a UAC controlled operation on Vista) then it could bork all your security. Scary how 1 file can do that.

Update 13 Feb 2008: Trust me to have the wrong link for the monster article, then send it to a client as the solution to there problem. DOH! Fixed now.