06 Sep 2007

Quiet for a bit

You may have noticed this week has been exceptionally quiet, well thats been for two reasons. This past weekend I fell horribly ill. Ill like I actually went to a doctor (only the second time in 6 years) and was flat on my back in bed for all of the weekend and haven't really felt myself until Tuesday night. In addition to that I hit my cap on the MTN 3G the company provides so not quick posts from work have been possible. Anyway things should get back to normal next week.
29 Aug 2007

Vista Service Pack 1

All the shiny details on whats in it at http://windowsvistablog.com/blogs/windowsvista/pages/windows-vista-service-pack-1-beta-whitepaper.aspx

Some highlights:

  • DirectX 10.1 support
  • Bitlock any drive
  • Approx 1Gb in file size!
  • New file system support for flash drives (exFat)
  • Lots and lots of performance improvements
    • For the MSCRM followers a big one is improvements in JavaScript speed in IE 7 on Vista Cool
  • Reliability (improved can't really be used here Wink)

 All this goodness Q1 2008 (According to the team blog )

29 Aug 2007

Embrace your inner boredom

Being bored is part of life, and as people we try our best to avoid it. When bored we do things like play Solitaire, send gifts on facebook, or blog Wink to try avoid it. Well I say no more, from now on embrace boredom, make it a part of your life, when bored tell the world your bored, and do it with Twitter.

Twitter is a smart and simple idea: Simply put, in a 140 letters or less, answer the question: What are you doing right now?

It's great fun, and easy to do, and makes you really transparent (more so than boggling can).

If you feel like following me, you can at http://twitter.com/rmaclean

27 Aug 2007

Office could not create the work file error

Suddenly today both outlook and word decided to start giving a new error message when I tried to launch: "could not create the work file. check the temp environment variable". After hitting OK it would launch. This is an odd one, and I am not sure of the cause (I have a theory I'll ponder below) but the solution was to run a check disk (chkdsk c: /F). Which fixed it nicely. I saw a number of security descriptor (AFAIK it was that, not an MCSE here) issues during the chkdsk, so I suspect something got corrupted.

The cause of the corruption may have been that over the weekend the IT team where I worked migrated everyone to a new domain via profile copy (doubt thats it) and deactivated UAC on the Vista users (think thats it). I am a UAC fan and turned it on again (using the msconfig tool) this morning and I think somewhere between being non-UAC admin and UAC admin the security catalog got confused causing the error. Just my pondering and I have no proof or way to test it (or interest in trying to get it to happen again) so take it with the pinch (handful, bucket, truck) of salt as needed.

27 Aug 2007

Congrats on the award!

My employer, the i5 Group (www.i5.co.za), won the Microsoft ISV partner of the year at Saturdays gala event

This was for the work done around the Rezonance product brand which I have had significant interaction with, so this means a lot for me. It's also a huge surprise for me since the South African ISV market is very strong (thinking of the K2 guys).

Well done to everyone involved!!

24 Aug 2007

Lions supporter song

On the Lions site is a page you can listen to the supporters song, Die Leeus. You need Windows Media Player and you have to be on line and etc... So if you want to listen to it in your own way to can download below (right click -> save as).

Die Leeus - The official Lions Supporters Song