07 Mar 2007

SQL Server 2005 SP 2 out - Again

Seems SQL Server 2005 SP 2 has been re-released due to a regression bug in the original release. Pretty odd that this slipped through all the beta's, rc etc... that this SP had. I wonder if this wasn't introduced due to someone playing last checkin chicken.

The download url is the same as in my original post.

05 Mar 2007

I'm campaign

I am going with Unicef, since they are one of the few international organisations on the list.
22 Feb 2007


You cannot call yourself a CCF developer until you have fired up Reflector a few times to understand the internal workings of the system. So it is with great joy I can say that version 5.0 is out for reflector. All the details available on the new version are available on Scott Hanselmans blog
21 Feb 2007

SQL Server 2005 SP 2 out

Today is a busy day at Microsoft since they seem to be releasing a lot. Including SP 2 for SQL 2005

21 Feb 2007

Virtual PC 2007 is out

Virtual PC is 2007 out, according to Memnotk (download link is there too).
The beta for this was the most bug free beta I've ever seen and definately will be getting the RTM today (especially since I am upgrading)

17 Feb 2007

Free Microsoft Software

Huge list of free Microsoft software is now available. There is something for everyone, developer tools, screen savers, themes, games, tools for debugging and even Office Account 2007!